yeah....the name a freshman in high school....
14 years old....
Not much more to plz begin 2 read bout my poor pathetic (funny) life......

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Apr 26, 2004
Back to school....and it sux ass!

Ugh...It was back to school today...April vacation is over.....noooooooooooooooooooooooo! I was having too much fun being a lazy ass.....wait a can I have fun being a lazy ass when I am one 24/7.....hmmmmm...very good question....And to all those people who got to go to someplace tropical and left me here in Lyme to wither away to nothing....SCREW YOU!...jkjk you know I got love for ya'll! I was so pissed off caus my friend nicole came down from NH and I didnt even get to see her.....:(:(:(:(........She said she tried to contact me, but she didnt have my number and she barely went online all vacation.....I better see her over the summer....If not I'll go cry to Unique...she also did't get to see her b/c she had to babysit the night that Nicole was having a sleepover w/ a million other people....I wasn't invited, yet then again it wasn't Nicole who had it, it was someone else, Nicole was just their honorary guest.....It figures any way that I wouldn't be invited because I'm not friends with most of the people that shes friends with....:( Any way, yeah back to school I trotted.........GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate school...which is wierd b/c I want to be an englis teacher, thats really the only subject I like anyway.......Were reading The Taming of The Shrew in english and its a play so we had to have people read the parts and I was Katherine, the shrew (In our terms the BITCH) and we got into this really "racy" scene and I was the one who had to say all this sex was so funny....There was this guy Petruchio and he was calling Katherine a wasp and she was all like if im waspish you better watch out for my sting and he goes we all know where a bees sting is, in the tail and katherine goes "no, the tongue" and petruchio goes whos? and katherine is all like yours, and then there was this part after that where katherine goes "Well if your stinger is in my tail....I was like holy shit! I can't believe were reading this, it was so funny, I was cracking up the entire time and it was very difficult to red while laughing, let alone w/out.......inyhoo.......ive got to get going...                                                 *till another thought*

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Apr 21, 2004
A Murderess' note you know how i said that in one of my previous entries that i was going to spend my vacation thinking of ways to kill my sister and not get caught...well i would never kill my sister, just to let you guys know and so you wont think im like a psycho path or something.....but i did come to thinking just in general about how someone could kill someone w/out getting caught and then i started thinking about the story A Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe and how he almost commited the perfect crime and i was like wow someone can do something like that but then i realized that we have too much technology and that it wouldn work now-a-days because were in the.....uh...the uh.....what century are we in...holy shit i cant believe i asked that......I may be a red-head at appearance but im a blonde at heart...lmao....hmmm..bored....till another thought....adios amigos        

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Apr 20, 2004
Can't think of a good title...............

Not many people know how hard it is to pick out a title for these diary entries....god...i need some creativeness!!!!!! i just realized the font changed to a different shade of pink...damn....i still haven't figured this damn site thats a childish word...inyhoos..haha...i crack myself just blabbing on here about nothing and i bet your really bored reading this....but guess what!?! you know how the title of this blog is called Random Thoughts???Well.....if your bored reading this than you shouldnt have clicked on this blog in the first know why?? because the title is random thoughts and guess what I'm typing....thats right random if you don't like my blog then screw you! (I apologize for any of the insults in this blog for the next week...i have a little thing that girls get called if you know might want to keep your Yesterday was the first day of vacation and your thinking that I am having a blast on some tropical island right now like everyone else in CT right?!? Wrong! I'm stuck in the boondocks all week and if you didn't know that, you obviously havent read my last entry......So yesterday it got to about 80 hear...woo! heat wave...but its back down to like 60 today which sucks monkey butt...(lmao nicole!) But you know what is really and completely and totally awesome is that my friend Nicole is here!!!!!!!!! and i can bet that almost all of you have no clue who she is.....but it sux ass because I dont know her dads # and I emailed her, but i dont think that she has internet at her dads house because she hasnt been on all week and she wont even get that message until she goes back to NH....:( :'( :( :'(....Im so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent seen her since the summer......thats was like 7 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im not going to see her this week............god damn it!!!!!!!!!! Why did she have to move?!? Im sorry...this musnt be any fun for you, im just sitting here mourning the move of my dearest friend nicole the hobag and you guys are probably getting until tomorrow.....have fun...good day...... 

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Apr 17, 2004

Hey all..sry i havent written in a while.....i know your all pissed at me because i never right in here...either i forget, im busy, or i dunno what to say....actually i highly doubt that anyone reads this diary....except maybe least i have someone who cares about me! So yeah ill just write in it every day even if al i have to say is "today i woke up, went to school, came home, thought about killing myself, ate dinner and am getting into the shower momentarily" Just so that i can keep my people happy and have this diary updated........It was great...okay i had to do a project for science on venus and we had to put some 3D aspect on our Mrs. Kelly, our science teacher provided us with these styrofoam balls to use for planets....I wanted to make the bottoms of them flat so i was rubbing them together, and my partner comes over and she was like what the hell are you doing? I go "Im shaving the bottom of my balls"......lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was hilarious I am also known as a Turtle Rapist, but were not going to get into that whole  So its vacationa and am i going anywhere? gonna be stuck in Lyme just about all week....the farthest place im going is middletown (bout a half an hour away from my house) and thats for a DENTIST sux ass! I want to go someplace warm! I want to go to FL w/ Kristie and go to Disney world....ive never been! (I know, i was deeply deprived as a child) yeah this week ill prob be writing in here that I woke up today at 7 and practically spent the day thinking of ways to kill my sister and not get caught and that i spent the rest of that day sitting on my ass doing nothing....get ready to be blown away!...not!....haha...well...ill ttyl adios!

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Apr 2, 2004

Hey all....sry I haven't written in a while, but if you have a life, then you'd have been able to deal........Okay so the other day I was going to the library, it's a little ways away from the school, and I had stopped by the middle school to talk to someone and I went outside (I had left my stuff out there because it wasn't raining out anymore) and it was fricken pouring out! I was like wtf? just my luck....i probably have some of that bad karma crap that people always talk the time i got to the library i was soaked to the bone....not fun.......lalalalalalalalala...i am so fricken bored.....we just finished CAPT testing...thank the lord it was only practice! We were served breakfast every morning and on the first day breakfast was fine, we had bagels and creamcheese or butter....then they started serving crap like microwavable french toast and waffles....ugh...and don't even get me started about the egg and cheese sandwhiches......never again...and then yesterday the served us "breakfast burritos". It looked like they took cheese egg and sausage, put it in a blender and spread it on the tortilla like word...foul.....and finally today they have given us our bagels back...woo! we had been asking for them all we were gonna eat the chicken shit they were trying to feed us......Today was really boring too...we didn't have CAPT (even though the sophmores did) so we had to go watch the movie RADIO while they were boring, so very boring........Life sux, school sux, and the whole english department will start to think I have issues, whenever they decide to grade our CAPT esssays...oh what fun......adios muchachos....... 

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Mar 15, 2004
cristina's random quote of the day

                                        Cristina's random quote of the day

                  " Doesn't this piece of pizza look like one of those cool boat thingies?"         

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Mar 12, 2004
Latin Trip

                                         Cristina's random quote of the day:
                          "can, can i just say something? I really like the little hands."
               " Okay i admit it. im a whore! Why don't you just line up w/ your money now."

I went on a latin field trip today to the Slater museum at NFA. It was pretty boring, we just looked at casts of roman and greek sculptures and listened to our latin teacher tell us stories about them. But after we went to Illiano's for lunch. It was so great, our waitress was this perky woman who really pissed me off...i hate people that are to perky...cept cristina, shes great.....but the woman comes up behind me and yells "Hey!" I swear to god i had to have jumped like ten feet. She scared the crap out of me. Then when Jenny got her salad she had greek olives in it which she didnt like and so i took them because i love greek olives and we told melissa to try one and she almos threw up it was so funny. The i was sitting there and i got my buffalo wings and the waitress drops the tray and the blue cheese dressing falls onto my lap...i smell like dressing sux.....then we were sitting there waiting for the bus to come and i was still drinking my soda and it was at the bottom and it made this really weird sound and Alyson started laughing and i started to laugh, but i had soda in my mouth so i was like choking at the same time it was great. 
                      Good times, good times.....:)   

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Mar 6, 2004
Cristina's Random Quote(s) of the Day

                                 Cristina's Random Quote(s) of the day

"Charlotte, you've grown so short"
"Don't you hate it when your cheese doesn't work right"
"I ate myself"

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Mar 5, 2004
hair color

Okay...i have died my hair too many times to count....I think my original hair color was bloonde...not to sure...probably was cuz i have many dumb blonde moments....Actually i was born w/ Jet Black hair, then as i got older it got lighter...much lighter....then i was a little dumb blonde (naturally) Then my hair (naturally) changed to brown.....Then i died it blonde again and it was like that for a while, then i died it brown but i didnt like that so i died it blonde following this?.....Then i died my hair red and then it changed back to brown so i died it red again and then i died it blonde for like the millionth time...After that i died it purple, then back to blond, eventually it turned brown again and i died it purple again......phew....then i died it blonde and i just realized for the majority of this i have left the e off of the word blonde, but im too lazy to change it.....anyway then i got it died red again...and thats where i stand...wasnt it so interesting reading about the reason as to why all my hair is going to fall out when im like twenty......haha....

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Okay so i have this friend Cristina and if you ever get to meet her God Bless You! She is the funniest little thing....any way so she says the weirdest things sometimes so i am going to start posting Cristinas Random Quotes For The Day....i think you'll get a kick out of are a few that i recall from not today, but this week so bear with me, i'll start doing them by days next time.....

Cristina's Random Quote(s) Of The Day:

"I want to have your babies."
" Wouldn't it be neat if Mickey Mouse were President."
"Okay i admit it! I'm a whore! So just line up w/ your money now!"

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